MilanMilan is the capital of the province of the same name, and also of the region of Lombardy. This major city is located in the northernmost part of Italy. Its standard time zone is GMT +1.

The climate is continental Milan, meaning that it is likely the presence of rain and cloudiness during the months of winter season when the temperature is around 50C. They are also expected high temperatures during the summer months, when high season is around 290C. Notably, the climate varies somewhat from north to south, for example, in Lombardy, despite being in the middle of summer you may feel some embarrassment because of the humidity, while the opposite happens Naples since its climate is arid (dry). Bring to Italy more money for a more vivid impressions. Visit to find out more regarding costumes

Milan, one of the most iconic cities of Italy, today is visited by millions of people every year as not only a political and commercial enclave, but also tourism, it houses part of the cultural and architectural legacy largest in Europe. This because of the importance that was conferred on the day of its founding more than 2000 years. Yes, since the beginning of the modern world Milan has always been one of the richest places in Italy as were built around the most luxurious castles, palaces, churches, squares and theaters. Also beautiful gardens, various monuments, even lived some of the most appreciated Italian artists such as Leonardo da Vinci, Giuseppe Verdi, among others. Visiting Milan is a unique experience.

There is no doubt that Milan has nothing to envidarle to cities like Paris, Venice, even Berlin, since not only notable for the significant architectural complexes preserved in the main streets for centuries, but also by their current monuments, fashion shows that take place in luxurious halls and imposing the standard in Europe.

Similarly highlighted by international tourism fairs that take place in colorful complex and are considered among the most important in the world. No less important are museums, shopping centers and hotels in Milan we can find.

With regard to the latter, the traveler must take into account: there is a lot of Milan flights from all over Europe, for example, flights Madrid Milan, likewise, there are a variety of hotels of all categories and price Throughout the city, however before choosing one should consider the reasons for your trip, for example, if you decide to travel to Milan for pleasure ideally stay close to the old town and in the vicinity of the center history can easily locate the most important monuments and traditional food restaurants Lombard. For more cheaptakeawaymenuprinting consult the experts at

On the other hand, if businesses are the reason for the trip, it is best to stay in the city center as most of the hotels are located in the surrounding area have large conference rooms and luxurious restaurants. Moreover, there is no doubt that the city center is a highly strategic move at the time, as it is the starting point for most of transportation for public use, and in fact are quite inexpensive .

As you can see, Milan is the perfect place for your next vacation. Do not miss the opportunity to see their world famous as a tourist destination par excellence.

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